Photopraktika 2013

Well, first of all, I won’t be at the Photopraktika 2013 in Leverkusen, Germany. Unfortunately. On one hand. On the other hand, the good one, I will be working back home in Portugal these days.However I need to highly recommend to go to this year’s Photopraktika! There will be awesome artists performing on stage or doing workshops: Alexander Heinrichs, Martin Krolop, Matthias Schwaighofer, Pavel Kaplun, Eberhard Schuy, Nicole and Ralf Obermann, Roland Klecker, Oliver Rausch, Markus Botzek, Maike Jarsetz and many more. Hell, you will learn a lot if you join this year’s Photopraktika. If I am right my husband ceho won’t be able to get there too as he has to fly into Lisbon airport right on these days :).

Long story short, just go there and enjoy the great atmosphere, the great people attending, have fun and learn. I wish I could be there myself.

Following Robert Smith’s words: „see you next year“ :).

Here is the link: PHOTOPRAKTIKA 2013

Baby Photography

So time is running. Again. Not much time left for photography, the website, the channels and my possibly upcoming photography business.

Anyway, no reason to complain. I have taken a bunch o baby photographs in the past couple of weeks. I hope to get the permission of a few parents to show some pictures on my website. I will keep you informed. Until then I’d like to ask you to keep an eye on the „Kids“ (Kids and Family Photography) section :) .

I hope to come up with lots of news and photos very soon. My husband is pushing me :) .


It is here – our latest acquirement

Well, after a LOT of discussion and weighing pros and cons we ordered yesterday and received our Canon EF 100mm 1:2,8L Macro IS USM today. Chris has been dreaming of this lens actually since its release in I think 2009 or so… Unlike me he is totally into macro photography (of insects, blurgh…). But for me this lens offers a couple of great and sharp options for my portrait photography. So after a long time and putting money aside we now added this little jewel to our range of lenses.

I cannot write a review here and now. So far Chris only made a general functionality test and we both are overwhelmed by the general sharpness of this lens. We will also perform a few more tests in the upcoming days to see if this very lens we got today is OK or needs some adjustment. I am none of those back-/frontfocus lunatics, but an L-lens at this price has to be perfectly OK, don’t you think?

From what I can say the handling and quality are superb. The autofocus is very fast and silent enough for my needs. The IS seems to work very well. Chris will use the lens on a tripod and disable the IS anyway. But if I use it I may have switched in on most of the time. As said, I don’t mind these things that much :).

All in all, I think this lens fits very well with us, our ideas and needs. And it fits well to the 5D Mark III and the 7D we use.

Now there are just a few (affordable) other lenses on our list. Also some non-affordable ones like the new 200-400, but hey, what’s this world without dreaming…?

My equpiment

To my surprise I received a lot of questions about the equipment I use. Unlike my husband who is a tech freak (and sometimes gets lost in equipment and tech stuff… ;-)  I prefer to not think about all the technical details too much and just do it… Knowledge + experience + trial&error = success. My little formula :) .

However, as I had to discuss the matter quite a lot of times within the past months and I discovered that the majority of photographer’s websites contains lists of used equipment (sometimes incl. personal comments on each item which I like a lot) I decided to add such a page myself. It’ll take some time, but it will come sooner or later.

Just check back every here and then, if you are really interested… :)

Slowly coming back after baby break

Some time before and especially after the birth of our daughter in February 2013 my activities came to a halt. Like for every parent, perspectives and focus (literally…) changed a lot. I take one year off my real job to take care of the baby. However there should be time to get back to photography and everything related. As I didn’t make any plans after the birth there is only one scheduled shooting in 2013. Which means, enough time to schedule more and do some more new things. I intend to practice, experiment and learn a lot. Experiments and improvement means (almost) everything in photography, doesn’t it?

I will also take some time to rework my photos from the previous years and finally fill this website with live and add my „classic“ and awarded photos from various categories. In addition I want to continue to build my social network on various channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and some others that make sense to me (please see the Links page). However I want to make sure I don’t get lost in the social jungle and use only what’s making sense. I want to try a few German services for photographers, add a few videos to my YouTube and Vimeo channels. And then there will be the shop, some day soon…. But besides all this I will take pictures, more pictures and even more pictures.

The baby and the baby break changed my life forever. In the most wonderful way. As my husband is helping and supporting my photography plans and is working a lot on his own ideas, dreams and skills, photography now more than ever has become a family hobby for us. How lucky am I :) ?

Welcome to my new website

Hello everybody,

welcome to my newly done website. More news and details and activities very soon. Stay tuned.