Photopraktika 2013

Well, first of all, I won’t be at the Photopraktika 2013 in Leverkusen, Germany. Unfortunately. On one hand. On the other hand, the good one, I will be working back home in Portugal these days.However I need to highly recommend to go to this year’s Photopraktika! There will be awesome artists performing on stage or doing workshops: Alexander Heinrichs, Martin Krolop, Matthias Schwaighofer, Pavel Kaplun, Eberhard Schuy, Nicole and Ralf Obermann, Roland Klecker, Oliver Rausch, Markus Botzek, Maike Jarsetz and many more. Hell, you will learn a lot if you join this year’s Photopraktika. If I am right my husband ceho won’t be able to get there too as he has to fly into Lisbon airport right on these days :).

Long story short, just go there and enjoy the great atmosphere, the great people attending, have fun and learn. I wish I could be there myself.

Following Robert Smith’s words: „see you next year“ :).

Here is the link: PHOTOPRAKTIKA 2013

My equpiment

To my surprise I received a lot of questions about the equipment I use. Unlike my husband who is a tech freak (and sometimes gets lost in equipment and tech stuff… ;-)  I prefer to not think about all the technical details too much and just do it… Knowledge + experience + trial&error = success. My little formula :) .

However, as I had to discuss the matter quite a lot of times within the past months and I discovered that the majority of photographer’s websites contains lists of used equipment (sometimes incl. personal comments on each item which I like a lot) I decided to add such a page myself. It’ll take some time, but it will come sooner or later.

Just check back every here and then, if you are really interested… :)

photopraktika 2012

Meet me at the photopraktika Cologne 2012.

Welcome to my new website

Hello everybody,

welcome to my newly done website. More news and details and activities very soon. Stay tuned.